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Music | Large Plants

Large Plants. Bedford, UK. Large Plants is the post-apocalyptic downer-fuzz-rock side project of Jack Sharp, former singer guitarist from psych-folk luminaries Wolf People. Suddenly without a band and faced with the enforced lockdown of Summer , Jack set up in a friends’ old barn in Bedfordshire and created a tonne of scuzzy, loner, biker-rock.

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The Carrier | Large Plants

The Carrier by Large Plants, released 07 May I am only a carrier Here to bring your disease Stand aside for the carrier For I do as I please You can take apart the machinery Leave it in the street And all the shame that you might feel for me Come here and lay it at my feet And I will draw a circle Invite you to stand inside Offer precious artefacts For you to take away and hide I am only

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Music | Oonops Drops

Oonops Drops« major focus besides music is on sustainability, climate protection and socio-cultural values. We work together with the worldwide most sustainable pressing plant, deliver our products via DHL green, we are a member at the »1% For The Planet«-network and we work together with social-cultural organisations. The musical focus is on Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Organic Grooves.

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Internal Hot Spring | Dustin Wong

Internal Hot Spring by Dustin Wong, released 30 March 1. Mirror Man Ryokan 2. Assorted Jellies at Pink Pond 3. Inward Outward Skyward 4. Walk to Bioluminescent Sanctuary 5. Ribbed and Pearly Dancing 6. Sirens Guide to Hot Springs 7. Annihilated Toxins 8. Steaming Body Heads Home Welcome to hot spring resort, Mirror Man Ryokan, located in your ego.

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Menhir - Bandcamp

Menhir Menhir is an art-music collective (Coco Moya & Iván Cebrián), based in Spain. They use the landscape as score, and music as geopuncture to create sonic sessions, interactive installations and art experiences. Their latest album at SBC Sound Track, released 06 December 1. Lepsir 2. Time 3. The Desert 4.

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Mathi | Ayqix | Temiong Recordings - Bandcamp

May 30,  · Plant Intelligence by Lav. Tristan Arp’s “Pipeline” is a batch of bubbling experimental dance songs, with hiccupping rhythms & buzzy synths. Bandcamp New & Notable May 20, 2018. go to album. Vapor Sequences by The Green Kingdom. supported by 6 fans who also own “Mathi”

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Bandits Live at the Power Station | Bandits on ... - Bandcamp

Bandits Live at the Power Station by Bandits on the Run, released 16 August 1. Potted Plant 2. Sweet Thing 3. Cowboy on the Run 4. Back to Black Hi! We're Bandits, and a few months back, we pulled off our greatest heist yet — sneaking into one of NYC's most hallowed recording studios, The Power Station, and recording a couple of our oldest tunes.

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FIVE RIVERS * Purchase VINYL here. * Watch out for 'Record Store Day' -- Five Rivers 'Gramophone Twelve Inch" Record', will be featured in the August 29th batch. (also Sept 26th & Oct 24th ) * Purchase CD here - https : / / najmaakhtar . bandcamp . com / album / five - rivers - cd

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Care Tracts | Matthewdavid's Mindflight - Bandcamp

Care Tracts by Matthewdavid's Mindflight, released 20 May 1. Tract of Hidden Animalia 2. Tract of Gentle Healing 3. Tract of Bell & Flute Magic Care Tracts is a new Matthewdavid album of three long-form Mindflight compositions inspired by CARE. Great Forces of CARE - With your help we will overthrow corrupt capitalistic systems of greed and exploitation in favor of life and love for the

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Powerplant | Hcmj

POWERPLANT by HCMJ, released 10 November 1. Erotic Asphyxiation 2. Fresh Fruit 3. Coldsnap 4. Kiss Goodnight 5. Camp For Holiday Hearts 6. Staying The Night 7. Banshee Pursuits 8. Wanderer 9. Ghoulsroom 10. Mugshot Baby 11. Plaguefield Dusk/Nightfall 12. In Scraps 13. Gory Glory 14. Impact Sound 15. Baphomet Boogie Recorded between 2007 and in Dayton, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Dead Men Tell Tales EP | Uwe Teichert

Dead Men Tell Tales EP by Uwe Teichert, released 17 August 1. Ma'an 2. Those who stay 3. Dead Men Tell Tales 4. Lovers

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Not As Plant | Dowzer - Bandcamp

Mar 01,  · Not As Plant by Dowzer, released 01 March 1. No Way Out 2. Medication 3. Maintain Uniform 4. Dumb Like Them 5. Flukes And Falling Stars 6. According To You 7. Forsaken Town 8. Having Everything Is Having Nothing To Look Forward To 9. All The Lights 10. Grey 11. Sober 12. Dick Part Three 13. Rain On My Parade sophomore full length

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Der Wanderer -

The aptly named Gloomseeker turn in a powerhouse new LP, full of bleak, haunting songs, echo-drenched vocals, and shadowy atmospheres. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 10, 2021. Paul Jordan returns with another batch of dreamy, immersive soundscapes that feel like the score to a sci-fi film yet to be written.

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Jun 08,  · Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. using bio midi sonification to capture the sound of plants. Bandcamp New & Notable Jun 21, . go to album. Paul Jordan returns with another batch of dreamy, immersive soundscapes that feel like the score to a sci-fi film yet to

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24 Hour Beat Tape #3 -

Jan 22,  · 24 Hour Beat Tape #3 by Moods, Boef, Aap, Maarten Smith, Marlon Penn, Mike Jungerius, Olaf Stuut and The Planty Herbs, released 22 January 1. The Planty Herbs & Aap - Plan 2. The Planty Herbs - Far Out 3. Moods - First Thing 4. Smith - 15:09 5. The Planty Herbs - In the beginning there was Jay Dee 6. Moods - Room Full Of Smoke 7. The Planty Herbs - Edge 8.

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Slow Waves & Simple Sounds | Oahu -

Slow Waves & Simple Sounds by Oahu, released 06 July 1. before dawn (Slow Waves) 2. a path to the sea (Slow Waves) 3. the movement of trees (Slow Waves) 4. the shape of clouds (Slow Waves) 5. two sunsets (Slow Waves) 6. Paper Towels (Simple Sounds 01) 7. Hurricane Rain (Simple Sounds 02) 8. Birds on Stones, with Water (Simple Sounds 03) 9.

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